Nonprofit Consultant- Deloris Pettaway


Provides dependable, dedicated, and professional notary services which will assure confidence & reliability in your non-profit, independent business, etc.

In addition, Pettaway serves as a Co-Pastor at Park Place Baptist Church. Her husband is Pastor Apostle David D. Pettaway,. Elder Deloris is the founder and director of Crusading Outreach Ministry Inc.; a 501c3 Organization which has been in existence since 1992. This organization has programs that provide needs to the homeless, seniors, youth and indigent. Graduate of Commonwealth College. Founder and director of Women of Unity in Hampton. Mother of two and grandmother of three.

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Deloris Pettaway has written two must read novels!

Destiny: God's Plan in Motion


Whether you know it or not, God has a plan for your life. This book will help you realize that plan, get in step with that plan, and get on the road to fulfilling your destiny.

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My Destiny Spoken Word


This book reflects on the people that God has placed in my path who have enriched and empowered my life, granting me the ability to reach my destiny. 

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Meditation and daily reflection journals.

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